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Komorowski - Arabski – Tusk 

The Kat Group Originally published June 16, 2015


Prosecutor General Seremet just announced that the Smolensk investigation would be finished soon. This is such an embarrassing statement considering that the so-called "investigation" has been in violation of all fundamental rules of criminal procedure.


The evidence was not secured immediately after the crash, the investigation was not conducted based on evidence, autopsy and histopathological examinations were not carried out with due diligence.


The majority of witnesses relevant to the investigation were not interrogated, black boxes were not secured against third party interference, and the hostile state interested in the outcome of the investigation was allowed to intervene in the entire process of investigation, at every stage and in all its aspects.


The satellite documentation collected by the allied states was not obtained, the wreckage of the plane was not examined, expert opinions were based on unreliable and discredited persons (i.e. the Pyjas case), and most importantly, no analysis was performed as to the possible causes and motives of a potential assassination - this was ruled out from the outset of the investigation.


All inferences and expert opinions of independent experts (i.e. Prof. Dakowski and specialists from the Antoni Macierewicz’s team) were ignored. The entire proceeding was based on a speculative circumstantial evidence, presumptions, falsification and tampering of the copies of flight records, manipulations of evidence, partial and selective information, and cover up.


So, a real circus was arranged by politically motivated prosecutors and the so-called experts on the graves of the victims.


Meanwhile, even a basic analysis of the circumstances leading to the separation of the official visits into the one with Prime Minister Tusk on April 7, 2020 which was well received by Putin, and that of the President Lech Kaczyński on April 10, 2010, which was heavily criticized by media in Poland, and treated with hostility by Russia, indicates that something very bad and unambiguous was going on.


Years ago, on June 4, 2010, I made such an observation based on the official documents published on the WPROST websites and on official information available on the Internet. Only so much and as much. Many of you probably know this text, because about 2 million people read it at that time. Moreover, it was reprinted by Gazeta Polska and published in the White Book of Smolensk. But, I think it is worth recalling it in the context of the nonsense that the military prosecutor's office and the Prosecutor General are now saying. If someone is not familiar with this text, please read it. In my opinion, it is still valid despite the passage of time. I am also curious how many readers share my opinion. I still stand by this analysis, despite the fact that by now the emotions subsided and the topic was effectively slaughtered and politicized.


The latest episode of the famous Polish TV series "Stakes larger than life," tells the story of the search for the criminal “WOLF” Gruppenfuhrer. In the climax scene, Captain Hans Kloss who actually was an NKVD Major wearing a Polish uniform and named Janek, reveals that the order to execute thousands of civilians was issued by four criminals: Wernitz, Ohlers, Lübow, Fahrenwirst, who operated together as WOLF. It is worth noting that the script of this episode was written jointly by Andrzej Szypulski (later with Unia Wolności) and Zbigniew Safjan (an NKVD collaborator, PRON member, and father of the TSUE Supreme Justice, Marek Safjan). The two acted together under the joint name Andrzej Zbych.


But, let us get to the point.


At one time, I wrote an article "Traitor's Head" for Salon24. In connection with this text, I debated with my commentators who the person, or persons, directly responsible for the death of the President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński in Smolensk could possibly be.


The following observation became the basis of our discussion:


If it were an attack, it had to be in preparation for a long time. The preparations had to be threefold: 1) technical preparation of the assassination method, 2) preparation for concealing (covering up) the fact of the assassination, and 3) "exposing" the victim. Our discussion did not focus on technical matters, or matters of cover-up, but on the issue that was most important and easiest to discern: Who "delivered" Lech Kaczyński and his people to the bombers? Since we have been convinced that the crash took place as a result of the assassination, it seemed logical to those involved in the discussion that the operation that led to the departure of Lech Kaczyński on the airplane with so many people inconvenient to Moscow on board, had to be done with the help of a traitor on the Polish side - simply speaking, a Russian spy/agent. During our discussion, and review of correspondence that is publically available today, the sophisticated special operation against the President of Poland, the PIS opposition party, and the constitutional order of the Polish State emerged in front of our eyes.


This operational play contains a clear signature of the executioner responsible for the death of 96 Polish people, including the President of Poland, and threatened Poland's sovereignty. Let's call this traitor Gruppenführer KAT.




It is 2009. Every year, at the beginning of December, the Council for the Protection of the Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom would begin organizing the ceremony in Katyn for the April the next year. Due to the unique nature of the upcoming celebrations, i.e. the 70th anniversary of the Katyn genocide, Andrzej Przewoźnik informed the Chancellery of the President, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and a number of institutions and non-governmental organizations, about the preparations for this occasion.


The President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński was keenly interested in this event, as evidenced by many letters regarding this commemorative event sent by the Chancellery of the President on January 27, 2010, to Andrzej Przewoźnik of the Council, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation. Two days later, Mariusz Handzlik from the President's Chancellery asked Przewoźnik again for the information about the state of the preparations for this event. The exact date of the commemoration organized by the Council for the Protection of the Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom is unknown at this point.


In response to this letter the Council replied providing April 10, 2010 as the date of the event. This information had to be also forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


From now on, a joint operation of the Russian-Polish special forces that was to expose to the assasination the President of the Republic of Poland, his brother, a large group of their associates and people inconvenient to the governments of both,  Putin and Tusk, began. First, Donald Tusk who serves as Prime Minister of Poland announces that he had received a phone call from the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on February 3 with an invitation to jointly commemorate the victims of Katyn. The celebrations were to take place in the first half of April 2010.




It should be noted that no one was talking about two different dates for that commemorative event at that time. The public opinion, and mainly the President of the Republic of Poland, was to be convinced that this was about the same event that he was to go to.


The President, surprised by the sudden personal invitation for Tusk, is waiting for the Russians to respond to his letter of January, 27, 2010. However, the Russians do not intend to confirm anything and pretend they know nothing. They are waiting, according to the assumed scenario, until the President of the Republic of Poland declares his presence in Katyn, specifically on April 10, 2010.




The Head of the National Security Bureau Alexander Szczygło notices this game, but cannot clearly identify its purpose.




On that day, the impatient President Kaczynski invites the Russian Ambassador to talk about preparations for the Katyn commemoration. The meeting takes place at the Presidential Palace on February 23.


The Russians are put under pressure. After all, how much longer after the meeting will they be able to remain silent? This is why they are pushing their agents to get the date of the flight to Katyn from the President of the Republic of Poland. This decision must be made firm before they can admit publically that the Putin-Tusk meeting on April 7 has been already established.


Probably because of this pressure, on February 23, Andrzej Kremer from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a letter to the Chancellery of the President where the date of April 10 is for the first time spelled out together with a demand to confirm this departure date because it is necessary for organizational reasons.


This letter, signed personally by Kremer, must have been inspired by Tomasz Arabski from the Chancellery of Prime Minister Donald Tusk (who was listed as a recipient of this letter under “cc”) because it was the Chancellery of Prime Minister Tusk that directly talked with Putin's Chancellery. This inspiration to choose April 10 for the President’s visit to Katyn would not have been possible without the knowledge, and consent, of Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs who supervised Andrzej Kremer. We can imagine that it went something like this: "Listen, Andrzej," says Sikorski, "Tomek Arabski will come to you regarding the letter to the President. Damn, let them finally declare that they will fly on the 10th. Believe me, it's important."


Reflecting on the agent of influence here, we must realize that:


1. It was a key person in contact with both the Russians and the Polish ministries, 2. It had to be a person well versed in the correspondence about Katyn with the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, 3. It had to be a person with knowledge about purpose of the operation. Otherwise, instead of putting pressure on the President to confirm the date of his visit on paper, such person would rather play the case in the media, 4. It had to be a person who did not board the plane on April 10 (point 3 implies point 4).Of all persons officially informed about the correspondence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Chancellery of the President, only Tomasz Arabski survived. Significantly, Andrzej Kremer also died in Smolensk - which excludes him from the list of suspects.


Tomasz Arabski, the closest and the most trusted man of Prime Minister Tusk is a special figure, who has direct access to Tusk's most trusted collaborators in the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelsk - PO), regardless of their formal positions. He is a person establishing and controlling all activities of the Prime Minister Tusk, a guardian of the Prime Minister's secrets, and a person authorized to appear in the media. However, when pressure and supervision exerted by Arabski turns out to be insufficient, because at the beginning of March there is still no official declaration by President Lech Kaczyński as to his travel date to Katyn, suddenly another player comes to the rescue.


On March 2, the Speaker of the Sejm Bronisław Komorowski suddenly sends a letter directly to the President Lech Kaczyński, which is to bring about the desired reaction. It was practically impossible to answer such a request without specifying the date of the departure of the presidential plane to Katyn.


However, when it turns out that Andrzej Przewoźnik independently confirms that the celebrations in Katyn organized by the Council will take place on April 10 (http://kresy24.pl/showNews/news_id/10259/) and when the Ministry of National Defense issues orders to make the plane available to the President on April 10 - Tomasz Arabski, knowing that Lech Kaczyński has just been put against the wall, decides to disclose the date of the Putin-Tusk meeting in the media:


"Prime Minister Donald Tusk will be in Katyn on April 7 at the invitation of the head of the Russian government, Vladimir Putin," announced the Head of the Prime Minister's office Tomasz Arabski. He adds that there will be a bilateral meeting between Tusk and Putin on April 7, 2010 to discuss current affairs." http://dziennik.pl/polityka/article562367/To_juz_pewne_Tusk_jedzie_do_Katynia.html


At this moment President Kaczynski realizes that Putin and Tusk have already agreed that they will not be at the same event with him, and sends Bronisław Komorowski a reply confirming his participation in the Katyn commemorative event on April 10, 2010.


There was no way around this situation. The Speaker of the Sejm could not wait forever for an answer. The President’s reply letter is dated March 5, but we don't know when it was actually sent. March 5 was Friday; it could have been sent on Monday (March 8) or Tuesday (March 9). However, it is a fact that by March 11 (maybe the 10th, due to a journalistic slip), the Russians did not have knowledge about this reply. So, they pretended not knowing anything despite the fact that a few days earlier President’s Chancellery confirmed the April 10 in the media; they were waiting for the official confirmation on paper. The case was too serious to trust the media statements:


http://www.tvn24.pl/0,1647227,0,1,lech-kaczynski-w-katyniu-rosjanie-nic-nie-wiedza, consciousness.html


This behavior also indicates that it was not just about achieving a specific propaganda effect. If the purpose of the operation "April 7 vs. April 10" was just PR, then the whole operation would be played mainly in the media and by the means of media messages. Here, however, the key were the official arrangements - those under the stamp in the document.


So here is how the situation looks like:


For more than a month, from January 27, 2010 to March 11, 2010, Tomasz Arabski and Bronisław Komorowski, with the consent of Radoslaw Sikorski to use an MSZ employee A. Kremer, acted jointly and in concert to place the President of Poland and his political camp (inconvenient to both Tusk and Putin) in a separate flight to Katyn, on a different date, and under almost non-existent diplomatic and technical security.


Does it mean that only these two people were so deeply involved? Is it possible that Prime Minister Tusk, like President Kaczynski was also fooled by the Russians and their two agents? Such an interpretation would be possible - to the benefit of Donald Tusk - were it not for one significant fact: TUSK lied talking about a phone call from Prime Minister Putin on February 3 with an invitation to the Katyn ceremony, and lied again, claiming that the offer to participate in a separate ceremony on April7 came later from the Putin's side.


It turns out that already on December 5, 2009, Dimitriy Polianski, Counselor of the Russian Embassy in Poland announced: A meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Tusk is planned for April. At the time, Polianski had already communicated that the heads of government of the two countries were to participate in the meeting of the Business Council of Russia and Poland, and that besides the economic forum in Kaliningrad in April next year, Russia and Poland would be faced with another important event - joint celebrations commemorating the anniversary of the Katyn tragedy.






If this was the message, it means that already at the beginning of December the talks between Putinists and Tuscoids on the joint visit to Katyn in April 2010 were very advanced, and it is hard to suppose that no exact timetable would have been set then. Perhaps, then, not only the schedule of the visit, but also the operational play "President in Smolensk" was put into play. Apparently Tusk forgot about this ill-considered media announcement of his Russian friends from December 2009.


Besides, the issues of the ongoing Putin-Tusk talks were also confirmed in 2009 by Andrzej Przewoźnik: "The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been conducting arduous discussions about the Katyn visit with the Russians for a long time. Now the Ministry is surprised because the presence of the President at celebrations organized at the level of prime ministers is a real nightmare for the diplomatic protocol."




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs IS Radosław Sikorski. Did he also participate in the assassination plot? I thought about it for a long time and analyzed his behavior. I came to the conclusion, however, that he was merely a tool. First of all, if he knew something, he would never shout "Lech Kaczyński - former President!” He would have bit his tongue 20 times before he got it like that. The second issue is that Donald Tusk would never have put two co-conspirators to the primaries. He could not afford to cause conflict between them and unhealthy ambitions in such a narrow circle of trust. He had to put up one conspirator and one loser to preserve “democracy,” and then the conspirator had to win with the loser. And so it happened…


And is there any excuse to absolve Komorowski? On the contrary, all his behavior on the day of the tragedy, and later, indicated that he was a cynical, resolute and very well, even too well, informed a person. After all, close contacts with WSI-GRU oblige to something. Today, I have even stopped looking dismissively at the annual address by Komorowski posted before the Smolensk disaster. This is a typical slip-up of Mr. Marshal:




As for Arabski, I have already cited some of the arguments about his key role. But it is worth noting that this was a person who consistently and skillfully misled the media and managed to lower the rank of Lech Kaczyński's visit to Katyn.


Arabski was also the direct superior of Grzegorz Michniewicz, General Director of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Donald Tusk, and his Head of the Secret Chancellery. Michniewicz died suddenly, unexpectedly and mysteriously, supposedly committing suicide, and besides: The findings of " Wprost "show that on the fatal evening Michniewicz also wrote a few text messages to his superior, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancery Office Tomasz Arabski. However, it is not known what those messages were about, or what time they were sent. The Minister did not answer our questions in this matter. "


Not only WPROST, but also one of Bloggers at Salon 24 pointed out that Grzegorz Michniewicz, no coward and most trusted person of Donald Tusk and Tomasz Arabski, had to discover something extremely frightening.


http://krzystofjaw.salon24.pl/151606,smierc-grzegorza-michniewicza- why


What was it? Did he discover any ciphertext from Putin to Tusk that Arabski didn't intercept on time? We can only speculate today. The fact is, however, that Paweł Gutowski, Michniewicz's longtime friend, who had contacted him before his death, reported the last of their telephone conversation:


- He was in terrible condition. He almost sobbed. In conversation with him I even used the term "hangman's mood", which, unfortunately, turned out to be prophetic. (Sic!)


Have you already figured out who our Polish Gruppenführer KAT may be?


Yes – Komorowski, Arabski, Tusk!


Describing how the KGB worked, of which Putin was a senior officer, Golicyn stated:


The more audacious the action, the better, because even if it will be revealed, the public will not believe it.


Source: Tomasz Parol | niepoprawni.pl


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